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Consortium members

Consortium members: list of producers who are members of the Consorzio per la Tutela dello Strachítunt Valtaleggio

Currently the companies that belong to the Consortium are:

Milk farms:

  • Arrigoni Fabio
  • Fantini Cristian
  • Locatelli Guglielmo
  • Ofredi Marco
  • Vitari Sergio

Dairy producing companies:

  • Locatelli Guglielmo
  • Cooperativa Agricola Sant’Antonio

Ageing companies:

  • CasArrigoni
  • Casearia Arnoldi Valtaleggio
  • Cooperativa Agricola sant’Antonio
  • Locatelli Guglielmo

All are distinguished by their high degree of craftsmanship: the processing and the rigorous production process are still undertaken manually and faithful to the recipe that the current cheesemakers have learned from a centuries-old tradition.