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Quality control measures

Strict quality control measures

Consorzio per la Tutela dello Strachítunt Valtaleggio was founded in the early 2000s with two main aims: to protect this valuable product (of which there were already many imitations and rehashings), and to eventually obtain the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), the highest Italian and European quality guarantee. Once these aims were reached, the cheese could take a well-deserved top place among the dairy elite of the old continent.

In order to preserve the identity and uniqueness of the Strachítunt, the regulations are very strict. The production area includes four municipalities: Taleggio, Vedeseta, Gerosa (part of Valbrembilla) and Blello. The milk must come from cattle reared on farms in the production area and come from cows that are at least 90% Bruna Alpina breed ; the cows must be reared with at least 65% grass and hay, 90% of which must come from the Taleggio Valley area.

Currently, the headquarters of the Consortium is located in the municipality of Vedeseta, which includes eleven producers whose companies are all located within the territory specified in the regulations. The president of the Consortium is Alvaro Ravasio, a well-known entrepreneur in the dairy sector and a major promoter of cheese at national level.